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Hey there!

The story behind this beautiful salon incases an even more beautiful story behind it. When asked about why Trade Co. came to be, Alicia, the founder of the salon sat down, and wrote this for you guy's to have!

Why I Opened Trade Co...

I've been doing hair since 2005. I never had a plan nor desire to open a salon. Between the years of 2005-2007 I was mentored by inspirational and strong salon owners/stylist that made a huge impact on my life. Starting in 2017 I felt God calling me in a different direction. A direction that I tried to ignore and brush off. I never could seem to get away from what He was calling me to do which was open a salon of my own.

In 2018, I decided to listen and take that step. As a matter of fact, my exact response was "God if this is really your will for my life, you will allow everything to fall into place". That's exactly what He did. As soon as I took that first step He placed the right people in my path to help me get where I am today. Everything fell flawlessly into place, just as He promised.


Since opening in April, 2019, God has shown me exactly why He placed me where I am today! He has filled this building with incredibly talented stylists and also allowed us to create a space for clients to come and treat themselves, but also build relationships and become a part of our family.

Although this was not something I originally longed for, I thank God everyday for placing me exactly where I need to be.

Alicia Whitworth- Founder/ Stylist